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marketing of
aoi manga publishing

Aoi Manga is born on 1 April 2017 by two artists.
In six months will get some successful number:
50 artists, 10 Experts, 35k active followers, publications in 5 languages, 15 countries of interest. Today, it is among the top five comic book publishers in Italy.



Murasaki Haiku
Giacomo Mineo
Stefano Gallon
Lisa Irene Sciacca
e circa 50 artisti.


Web Design
Digital Arts
Video e Songs
Web Marketing

Just a matter of creativity

Aoi Manga arises with a very simple purpose: to offer only quality and fun.
For the team, the users, for everyone.

The password is to surprise. Making simplicity an art, as the Japanese tradition wants.

We have created with love our contents, giving our friends/consumers kindness, respect and affection.

They have repaid us growing day by day with many positive opinions.

The quality and the simplicity were the keys of our success.

Illustrations for sale

With the illustrations your products will not be only products. They will be totally promoted and the customers will love see them.

Music to Communicate

Sport and music have always been great aggregators. Composing Songs reinforces very much a brand, increasing drastically its added value. For this reason we composed the songs of the Canon of Pachelbel and the devil’s ring of Tartini.

Marketing Planning

With the Marketing Strategy we have planned slowly the steps to take. In a careful and productive way.

Web and Technology

Thanks to the innovative instruments offered us by the Web, we have created a website in five languages, optimising the contents with also animated gif and video that can improve the experience.

User Experience 

The Aoi Manga’s website was designed to guarantee the maximum about the usability and graphic beauty.
A real work of art.


From the Logo to the mascots: nothing is left to chance. The entire communication wants to imprint the name “Aoi Manga”.

Captivating activities

Selections, contest, group activities and a lot of communication and confrontation with the users, were elements that permitted to Aoi Manga to improve in a very short time. The users want and need to interact with beautiful, passionate and full of emotions contents. We, as artists, love creating this kind of piece of art. Whether it’s in form of songs, video or images.
Everything we do wants to create beautiful things, engaging them to 360° with our activities.

Aoi Manga has started a real artistic movement. In our team there are only Italian artists with a great talent, chosen carefully not only for their technical virtues, but also for their human and intellectual qualities as human beings.


Our fan can ask us everything with the Ask Aoi Manga: we can do it thanks to our mascots.


Cartoonists and Illustrators

Writers and Translators

Songwriters, Musicians and Video Maker

Web Designer and Developers


Web Marketer and Seo Specialist

Some numbers

We have achieved the results in a few months of work. In only six months we were able to organize publications, sell Mors in Fabula in four languages, create songs and various video trailer.

And also, we have started to work in the B2B’s world merging with Michelangelo Design and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

  • Conversion rate – 60%
  • Users return – 77%
  • Social engagement – 85%


Satisfied customers




A television format, a campaign for a clothing shop and some websites with a very captivating design.

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